Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fez, Morocco - Africa

Me and Jenn riding on the Camel on the coast of Africa. We got to do this right before we left Africa to take the ferry back to Spain. I have always wanted to ride on a camel and I finally got to do it... in AFRICA! Morocco was an experience I will never forget.

One night we went to a belly dancing show. They also had some men do a drum performance, they had some music, and a little magic show. The belly dancing wasn't what I always pictured belly dancing being (a line of women with perfect bodies in all different colored bikini tops) BUT it was just one at a time doing moves with their hips and rolling their stomach. haha This one lady in particular did some juggling with the fire then put the fire in her mouth which was really cool! At this show we got some mint tea and cookies. Morocco is known for their hot mint tea. It is delicious and reminded me of when I was a little girl going in our back yard and picking the mint leave for mom to make some cold mint tea. :o)

This is what everyone wears. Everyone wears long robes and the women sometimes wear these and the men wear pointed hoods. I think I would have felt much more comfortable in Morocco if I was wearing this. Women HATE when you take pictures. I found this out the hard way..... right when we reached the coast of Africa i went to the bathroom. The bathroom was just like a hole in the ground so I decided to take a picture of it. The two Moroccan ladies in the bathroom saw me take a picture and started yelling at me in arabic and getting all in my face. I was SO scared and tried to leave but they blocked the door. Finally I took my camera out and showed them that I deleted it. That really shook me up!

This was amazing!! This is wear they dye all of the leather for purses, wallets, shoes, jackets...etc. They have all different colors which are used from mud, minerals, natural things, plants.... The workers do it all by hand! We watched them dip the leather in the color, they would have to get in the mud/dye in order to stir it around. I will post some more pics for ya!!