Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Marbella, Spain

Carrie and Becca on top of our hostal in Marbella. We all tried to lay out at the beach, but the wind made it too cold, so we got to lay out on top of our hostal for a few hours before the big storm came. Marbella is on the south coast of Spain. It is a very touristy and rich area, but is very beautiful!

The last night we celebrated Mac's 21st birthday. We went to a very fancy restaurant right on the beach where we had live music. We each got a dessert, and it was delicious! :o)

The girls being goofy on the roof of our hostal. Hostal Berlin is more like a cute beach house with rooms. We each had our own bathroom in our room so that was nice! We are coming back to Marbella when my family comes during Semana Santa, so hopefully we will have beautiful weather!

This week I have kind of begun to get a little discouraged with my spanish. I know that I really am improving, but it is so discouraging when I still can't understand everything in my classes. Yesterday my head felt like it was about to burst if I heard anymore Spanish!! I hope I stay motivated to keep pushing forward in order to learn more!

This coming weekend I am going to Fez which is in Morocco, Africa. I am going with an organized group, so don't worry... hopefully i won't get kidnapped! ;o) Me and my room-mate are going, then two girls who I met from UNC Chapel Hill, I believe there is about 70 going with the group. I will def let you know how it goes!