Monday, March 13, 2006

More pictures from Ireland!

The top left picture is the ruins of one of the first christian churches built in Ireland during the 900's. I love the history I have been able to see! There were many lambs through out the country side in Ireland. So I took a picture for you to see.

That is all of us girls in our hostel. There were 6 of us who went, and we stayed in a 10 person mixed room. So each night we were there we would get random people in our room who were from all over traveling just like we are. It is fun to meet different people. During the day and night we would lock our stuff up in a cage or else I would sleep with it in my bed, b/c it is hard to trust strangers who are sleeping in your room. This is the reason I never saw the movie "Hostel" before I came to Europe bc i knew I would be staying in hostels a lot.

The last picture is the campus of Trinity College which is the oldest college in Dublin, Ireland. It is a beautiful campus and the Book of Kells is located there. We got some coffee in the cafeteria there and it was like we were students in Ireland! :o)