Sunday, March 12, 2006


In Dublin, Ireland we toured the Guinness Factory. This is where all of Guinness is made and it helped to understand the brewing process. We got to see how they make it. It first began to made during the 1750's. At the end of the tour we got to try it at the top of the building, which is the tallest bar in Dublin. You can see the whole city so that was fun! It is a dark beer, you can't even see through it and it tastes like a thick sort of coffee. We also go to see Trinity College which The Book of Kells is here. (this is the oldest college in Dublin) We also go to see the Dublin Caste and St. Patrick's Cathedral.
One day we went on a tour outside of the city of Dublin to see the country side and Wicklow mountains. It was a gorgeous view and I love being able to see for miles and miles of only land and in it's natural environment. The Guinness Family owns 500 acres of this land. We got to see lots of sheep and the "hilly" Ireland that you always hear about. We went on a little hike through the woods and it was great being outside. This is my room-mate Jenn. The last day in Ireland her purse was stolen when we were in a Clarks shoe store. I was RIGHT next to her and when she realized someone had taken it, we went outside but it was one of the busiest intersections in Dublin and they could have been anywhere. I feel awful for her! I don't know what I would have done if that was me :-/
God's nature never ceases to amaze me. I love seeing new things in different countries. I have realized that pretty much my favorite thing to do is to travel to different countries and see things that I never could have imagined exist.

It is so much fun being able to travel to diffferent places each weekend. I have so many more pictures from Dublin so I will try to post a few more. Next weekend I am going to Marbella, which is on the coast of southern Spain. It is the real rich area of Spain, so I am excited to see what that will be like and I can't wait to go to the beach!