Saturday, March 04, 2006

Granada, Spain

Granada is an amazing city in the mountains with a lot of historical background to it. It was founded by Arabs so a lot of the shops had an arab touch to it and we went to this tea cafe with different arab teas. All of the tours were in Spanish so I didn't catch everything but I got the main ideas. The first picture was taken in the Cathedral in Granada. This cathedral is considered the first "Renacentista" church in Espana. It first started to built in 1518 and was finished in 1600.

The next picture is a photo of the Alhambra. This is a palace that was first built in the 800's. The other part of the palace was built in the 1200's. It is amazing to think about how it is so old because it is way before America was even discovered. That is what I love about Spain. There is so much more meaning and history behind everything.... it makes America seem SO NEW. I wish I could put more pictures on here, maybe I will just do another one of pictures because i took about 60 pictures here. The views were gorgeous!

The next picture is on top of the Palace with a view of the mountains in the background! There was snow covering them, it made me want to go ski!!! In the picture is my room-mate to the left, me, Lindsey mac, and becca. The picture to the right is me on the top of the palace with a view of the old pueblo in the back-ground.