Sunday, February 05, 2006

La Iglesia in Sevilla

Becca, Jenn (my roomie!!!), and I shopping for boots downtown!!!!! They have AWESOME boots here for such a good price!

Today, Sunday I went to a church with some people who i have been in contact with over e-mail from a lady who i met at Passion. They are missionaries here. It was such a great experience to go to a church in Spanish.... it was so cool to understand the songs in spanish and what the pastor said. The church was very small... this is because most everyone in Spain is Catholic and attends the Cathedrals on Sunday. I hope to go with my host mom soon to her Catholic church, since I have never been to one before.

The above picture is the group of study abroad students who came to this church. We will be helping out with them in many different ways. The blue door behind us is where we met for church. It was just like a hole in the wall. The pastor played the guitar and we sang some songs in Spanish, then he spoke. He is American but fluent in Spanish so the whole service was in Spanish. After church we all went to the missionaries house about a 10 minute walk from the church. It was a very modern house in the pueblo and it had a trampoline in the house for the kids! We then went back to the church for a big paella lunch at 2:00. That is the picture of the huge pan of Paella... which is the famous food here.... rice with seafood in it, it was delicious! It was fun meeting so many awesome girls from all around America!

I guess I have to miss the Super Bowl tonight since it is on at midnight here and we have to be up at 7 tomorrow mornin for the first day of classes!!! ahhhhh! I will let you know how they go! Buenos Noches! :o)