Friday, February 03, 2006

Spain is Amazing!!!!

The quartet in the middle of La Playa de Arbas in downtown Sevilla!

Our big bottle of agua!!!!!!! (Jane, Carrie, Becca)

Hola!!!!! Spain has been so amazing! I can't even express how great things have been going. Last night we went to this cute little cafe/bar in Sevilla, it was called Flamingo Lounge, i love looking at the Spaniards, they have such style and all look different. (kind of like americans) Today we moved in to our host family's house. My host mom is so sweet. She is 52 years old and has 3 children who are older. Her son is 27 and attends the University of Seville. They are both so nice. We live in the middle of the city which is a great location and in walking distance to everything. The river is right by us and is a great place to exercise. I went running along the river on a trail with a few girls yesterday. The weather is beautiful! Sunny and warm!

I have met so many awesome people from all around the world. I hope to meet many more Spaniards once my Spanish improves mucho. Tonight we went to La Placa de Arma, which is the picture of me and Becca in the street. It is in the middle of the city with tons of cute shops and awesome shoe stores! The picture of the quartet above was on the sidewalk there and they were very professional! I had to tip!! This Sunday I am going to a church here with some missionary contacts who I've been in contact with through e-mail. It will be exciting to meet them! More to come soon.... It's bed time! Buenos Noches!