Thursday, February 02, 2006

I have arrived!!!! February 2, 2006

Hello everyone!!!! I have finally arrived to Seville, Spain after a long day of traveling through the night and I am finally starting to get over my jet lag of losing 6 hours of sleep. We are in a hotel in the middle of the city in Seville. It is AMAZING here and i am loving it already. We move in with our families tomorrow so I will let you know how all that goes. I met my room mate and she is from the OC hahahha (oh yeah i love the OC) right below LA. She seems like a really sweet girl and i am excited about getting to know her better. My house is right in the middle of the city and right by the river which is a perfect location. Everything is working out so perfect and God has given me such a peace that has been awesome to experience. The whole orientation was in spanish so that was kind of hard to figure out but it won´t be too bad after a few weeks. I bought a cell phone here and it is free for me for any incoming calls so i will give you all that number later. LOVE YALL and i gotta go bc i´m in an internet cafe and everyone is leaving!! more to come..... CIAO!