Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Feria in Sevilla

Kim and I at La Portada (the grand entrance) of Feria. Feria is a huge area with colorful tents where everyone goes and also a huge area with tons of ferris wheels and rollar coasters. It is a huge fair and so much fun!!!!

Flamenco dancing the "Sevillana" dance in la caseta (the tent) of my family and their friends. So much fun!!!

There are thousands of tents lined up like this and all the girls have on beautiful, colorful dresses and the men wear suits. Feria is a week long of dressing up, dancing, eating, and drinking a drink of what they call "rebujitos" which is manzanilla and sprite. Feria is so much fun!! (I liked it sooo much more than Semana Santa) I got to go in some different tents and dance the flamenco Sevillana dance that everyone dances here. Everyone was so surprised that an American knew the dance so well... i guess that flamenco class came in handy!


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