Thursday, April 27, 2006

Florence, Italy (2nd stop in Italy)

Michealangelo's Famous Statue of David in the Acadamia from the 1400's. The intricate detail on this statue of David was breathtaking and i stood in awe of his artwork for atleast 20 minutes. I couldn't see one thing wrong with it that didn't make it look so real. It was absolutely perfect.
Christina and I with the beautiful background of Florence. Florence is a beautiful city with a river running through it. The building to the right is the Duomo. Florence is a great place to shop and bargain in the markets. I bought some great gifts here and used by bargaining skills :o)

My 4 UNC Chapel Hill girls and 1 Clemson Tiger. We watched the sun set over the city of Florence while sipping on some Italian wine. It was such a beautiful view! Everyday while we were in Italy we had Gelato, which is the icecream there. It is absolutely delicious and i think i tried about every flavor. All of the Italian food is absolutely delicious, but it is expencive in Italy.

Italy is definitely my favorite country in Europe so far!


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