Saturday, April 15, 2006

Family in Spain!! (Sevilla and Marbella)

I had so much fun with my mom and sisters! Semana Santa was a crazy week here in Sevilla with millions of people here to see the processionals. But it was an experience and we all had fun together. (we missed ya Dad, but it was a good girls week!) This picture is in Marbella, Spain which is a beautiful town on the beach with an old town full of awesome shops! We are holding up churros which we ate 3 times while they were in Spain. It is like a funnel cake and you dip it in a thick chocolate sauce! (delicious!)

This was one day after my host-mom cooked lunch for us. She is the best cook and all of her food is always delicious! Me and Martha are wearing the flamenco dresses that everyone wears during the week of Feria. (next week) Feria is a week full of dancing, eating, drinking out on the streets. It should be interesting to experience! I will be here for about 3 days of it after Italy!

This picture is from Carmona, which is a pueblo about an hour outside of Sevilla. We made this a day trip and took the bus here. It was beautiful and we basically explored the entire pueblo!

This is in the Parque de Maria Louisa. We rode this around the park and afterwards the processionals began for Semana Santa. I will post some pics of that so you can see what it is like. We stayed busy all week and I got to show them around Sevilla then we got to enjoy the beautiful beach of Marbella for a relaxing "holiday" as they call it here!

I miss you all already!!


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were so prompt in putting pictures up. It was great fun. So glad all the girls could be together. Love you, Mom & Dad


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